• Yacht Woodworks and Yacht Carpentry services
    Yacht Woodworks and Yacht Carpentry services
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    At World Surface Yacht Deckingwe are pride to offer our Yacht Carpentry Services that will take your breath away. You love your vessel and we know it, that is why we take so seriously each one of our Yacht Exterior and Interior refinishing projects.

    We know you always seeking ways to beautify the ambiance of your yacht or boat. Whether you want to get a complete renovation of your yacht or there’s something you want to add up to it, World Surface will serve you with its wide range of Yacht Carpentry and Yacht refinishing services. We create stunning yacht carpentry and other woodwork designs. Because of our reliable, customer-centered, customized interior and exterior refinishing services; we have become a well-liked service provider.

    Under the yacht carpentry services, we offer customized woodworking of cabinets, furniture, tables, teak and fiber yacht decking, and wine storage design services. We also install and repair granite, marble, and solid wood counter tops on your yacht water house.

    In addition, we also paint and refinish the texture and looks of your yacht and boat. World Surface also offers mica installation, plastic acrylic, PVC, or starboard fabrication for your yacht. To know more about our yacht refinishing services, reach us via email or call, we’ll lay a gigantic range of yacht carpentry and yacht woodwork services before you.

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  • Teak for boats and Interior boat flooring
    Teak for boats and Interior boat flooring
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    These interiors yacht flooring materials are the most durable and convincing materials in the market made out of 100% PVC, these boat flooring materials don’t get dent, they are Anti fungal, and will make your boating time more enjoyable since the upkeep is minimum. You can replace your carpet for boat flooring with this incredible interiors used by many manufacturers like Ocean Yachts, Sea Ray, Donzi, Hatteras, Chaparral, and Viking to name a few. This boat flooring are also used on the Disney Cruise Lines and some US Navy vessels.

    Teak for boats and Interior boat flooring with Multiple Colors and Design

    We have a big selection of Colors and Design to choose from, but the most wanted marine colors are; Mahogany, Teak and American Cherry and Holly.

    We can give you thousands ideas so you can choose which marine flooring best suits your taste. Schedule an Appointment so you can come and visit our showroom, there is no need for a designer our Project Managers will Advise you about every detail involving your boat at not charge.

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  • Yacht Refinishing – Yacht Services
    Yacht Refinishing – Yacht Services
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    World Surface is your one stop for all your Yacht Services needs; We are proud of our quality and workmanship in our Finishing division.

    In the Field we have the full knowledge, experience, licenses and certifications as well as a great team of finishers that work full time at World Surface. We don’t subcontract any of our work and are the best with our own in house work.

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  • Teak Decking Installation and Repairs
    Teak Decking Installation and Repairs
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    At world Surface we offer beautiful First European Quality Teak, kiln-dried, surfaced four sides, Straight golden tight vertical grain teak and carefully inspected wood to fit our most exigent costumers. Each teak decks we fit are costume made for each vessel, looking like no other it will take your breath away. Our qualify Marine Decking Carpenters will delight you with their professionalism and not only you will get a Quality deck that will last years, but also you will relax knowing that World Surface will take care of any needs you have in the process.

    For decades, boat builders have seen teak’s durability and resistance to every type of weather. Its anti fungal and its not affected by insect or acids. Teak is the chosen material for decking, custom marine carpentry, custom molding and more.

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  • Not Just a Boat
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    If you own a yacht or are thinking about buying a used one you could be looking at refinishing some or all of the surfaces. Yacht refinishing requires special considerations and professional carpenters. Consider hiring a company who has been refinishing yachts for a number of years.

    The surfaces on a boat require a special touch from professionals who know these unique demands. Because a yacht is constantly exposed to water there are many special needs required to take care of the wooden surfaces. Replacing wood floors, countertops, cabinets, and other surfaces must be done meticulously. Teak wood is always a good choice for boat decking. It looks fantastic, is durable, and ages well when exposed to the elements. In addition, teak has special natural veins that make yacht flooring different from any other vessel. If you are refinishing a yacht you’ll need to consider new cabinets, doors, and tables. Owning a yacht means owning luxury. You don’t want your yacht to be refinished with cheap products that look bad or wear out fast. Leave the refinishing up to the professionals.

    Professional yacht refinishers understand the unique needs of a yacht. They are experienced in carpentry and how it pertains to boat maintenance. They will know how to install teak wood floors so that they last a lifetime. They are familiar with adhesives that hold up to the salty and wet environment. They also have design experience and know what style of cabinets match the flooring and the furniture. These are important touches that help to maintain the quality and value of your luxury yacht.

    If you own a yacht and are looking to have it refinished, you have made a wise decision. Yacht refinishing is best left up to experienced professionals who understand the unique environment that is a luxury boat. A yacht is a special thing to own and should be cared for appropriately. There shouldn’t be any low-end upgrades put into a yacht that look cheap and will have to be replaced in a few years anyway. Stick with a company that understands yacht ownership and the finishing touches that take a yacht from just another boat to a luxury water craft.

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  • Benefits of Faux v/s Natural Wood Boat Flooring
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    People will pay premium prices to have natural products and accessories but sometimes having almost the ‘real’ thing is actually a better investment in the long term especially when inclement weather and elements are part of the equation. Boating is a wonderful hobby to have and when you have a nice boat to take on the water then you want to be able to do all you can to keep it looking and performing at its best all the time. The navigation system, communication panel, audio and visual accessories and the flooring are just some of the parts that you may decide to upgrade and enhance especially if you purchased a used boat that has been previously owned.

    When you decide to make changes it is important to consult with the best consultants and make sure that the upgrades you are investing in are worth the money spent and that they will last into the future. One of the most popular looks for boat decking is wood with teak being a top choice due to its resistance to elements and easy maintenance.

    Purchase Quality Boat Decking

    However, as ‘friendly’ as this wood may be there are still drawbacks to using the natural product which is why manufacturers have come up with a synthetic option that looks and feels just like the real thing. The difference is that you will not have the same issues and while you might spend more up front there is the ability to sit back and enjoy your investment instead of having to worry about the constant repair and replacement.

    Synthetic teak decking has been designed to replicate the natural wood in every aspect of appearance and design allowing customers to choose their favorite plank option for installation. One of the benefits is that this material will not fade in the outdoor sun or be worn down by the saltwater which is something that eventually happens to natural teak. It turns grey until the owner scrubs it back into the light natural color until it turns gray again which requires a lot of maintenance and cost on your part. Instead, you can simply have the faux planks installed and they are guaranteed to never fade or change color and no scrubbing is needed. These products will not crack or split and are non-slip to ensure the safety of passengers even during rough waters. This is not a new product on the market but you do need to ensure that the manufacturer and installer that you use is qualified and familiar with how to put this on your deck so that it lasts and looks good. You should also ask about the warranty in the event that something does happen so you can have it repaired and replaced at no cost to you.

    Natural can be better when it comes to certain things but sometimes fake is the best deal and the better option for financial reasons. Take advantage of the available online vendors who offer this product and speak to a customer representative so you can ask questions about where and when to have synthetic teak decking installed on your boat. You will be amazed at the difference the enhancement will make to the look and feel of your outing for everyone on board.

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  • Install Unique Interior Boat Flooring
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    There is something to be said of a water craft that is clean, well-maintained and has beautiful lines but along with looking great the different parts must be functional and contribute to the overall operation when it is out on the water. The decking on a boat is not just the floor that you and guests will walk on but the platform that weathers the rain, ocean water and the catch that you bring in. It must be smooth and stable so individuals with bare feet can walk on it but tough and durable so it will last.

    One of the best kinds of boat decking comes from the sturdy teak wood trees that are used to create hundreds of boat flooring all over the world. Manufacturers appreciate the weather resistance qualities and the ease with which they can leave its natural color or stain it to the owner’s preference. It can be installed in multiple ways depending on the technique and available space but quality technicians ensure that it is done correctly the first time around.

    Purchase Quality Boat Decking

    Wood flooring can be used on the interior of the boat where the cabins and living quarters are as well as the exterior which is exposed to the harsh environmental elements. Professional decking manufacturers and installers ensure that the wood is finished and sealed so that it is protected and does not splinter, bend or start to break.

    Teak wood is not only functional but also affordable and very easy to look at when properly put together on boats of various sizes and models. Companies that install boat decking are usually able to assist with cabinetry repairs or replacements, refits and other jobs that require the use of this type of material.

    Times have changed where boats are no longer completely built out of wood but there is still a luxury component that keeps the owners coming back to this accessory on every type of water craft. Take advantage of affordable prices and quality workmanship when you work with the top deck installers in the industry and see what they have accomplished by checking out their online portfolio.

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  • Purchase Quality Boat Decking
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    Boats originally began as wooden creations that were small in size and then gradually growing larger in order to hold a higher number of individuals. They were kept together using whatever water-proof binder was common to that era but the overall building technology has changed over the past few decades. These water craft are now commonly constructed out of fiberglass material and adorned with suitable equipment to enhance navigation and comfort for those on board.

    Purchase Quality Boat Decking

    The deck of a boat can also be made of a wide range of materials but if you want a truly unique look then take advantage of quality teak flooring for the boats. (for yachts and boats) This wooden look creates an atmosphere of contrast against the stark white color of the overall boat and provides a smooth surface for boaters to walk on during the trip(their trip). It also adds a classy and luxurious appearance to the boat for those seeking to make an impression on their guests.

    Teak (Teak decking) is an ideal choice for boat flooring due to its sturdiness, durability and resistance to weather which is very important whether you frequent salt or fresh water bodies. When you order this from top quality vendors then you can be sure that it will be custom made according to your boat’s specifications and professionally installed for longevity and warranty purposes. You can choose the finished look that you prefer from sanded and stained to smooth and natural grey. The size is another custom option that you select from their list in order for you to design the ultimate classic look that you are trying to achieve. Schedule an appointment to have it installed while in dry dock and have it ready for the next big outing you take with family and friends. Teak is a wood built for the outdoors with no worries of fungus, insect or acids deteriorating the functionality or appearance of the flooring.

    Boat owners can also elect to have custom teak flooring for boats so that the wood theme is carried throughout the water vehicle in a continuous manner. After making the purchase of your dreams, don’t hesitate to enhance and create your own personal and unique design using a material that has been proven reliable and durable over and over again.

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  • Give Your Boat A Deck All Its Own
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    Any boat owner knows there will come a time when they may need to replace or do some type of repair on their boat’s deck. There are a number of different options for these repairs and some people will just choose to replace the deck altogether. One option that has become popular with many boaters is to use teak wood on the deck, and there are some companies that specialize in this type of deck.

    One reason that people like to replace the deck is because the new deck will be custom built to fit their boat. The material that people choose is important because the material needs to be able to hold up in all types of weather. Most companies have qualified marine decking carpenters on their staff who are more than qualified to give a boat a deck that owners will be proud of.

    Give Your Boat A Deck All Its Own

    There are a number of benefits to using teak flooring for boats. Teak wood is resistant to all types of weather. It has anti-fungal properties and is not affected by acid or insects. The surface is non-slip, which is extremely important when you are on a boat. The flooring comes in two different size thickness and owners can choose to finish the wood or leave it to take on its own natural silver-gray color.

    Many companies that offer teak flooring for boats offer their customers a free estimate. This gives the company a chance to look at the boat to make sure there are no issues with the deck and so that customers have a good idea of what the project is going to cost. The size of the deck can make a difference in the quote, as well as whether or not the deck will be finished or left natural. If the customer has any needs the company will be able to address those needs during the process.

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  • Let A Professional Refinish Your Yacht
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    There are several people that enjoy living in luxury. Some people have luxurious homes or cars, while others have luxurious boats. Several people own luxury yachts and spend a great deal of time on the water. There are some people that live on their yachts all year round. In some cases a person may get a great deal on a yacht that needs to have some work done on it. Often this consists of the yacht needing to be refinished and refurbished.

    A person can refinish their yacht on their own if they know what they’re doing. If a person is not experienced in this type of project it would be best to let a professional handle the job. There is a great deal of planning that goes into a project of this magnitude and it is important to use the proper supplies so that the yacht does not get damaged in the process.

    Let A Professional Refinish Your Yacht

    If you are going to hire a professional to handle your yacht refinishing project it is important to find someone that has experience, does quality work, and charges reasonable prices. Most people will ask someone they know and trust for a recommendation of a professional who does this type of work. If no recommendation is available they can search online for a person or company that does this type of work. Many company websites will have reviews from previous customers and people often find these reviews helpful when making a decision.

    The cost for yacht refinishing services will vary depending on who is hired to do the job. An individual may charge less than a company, and the size of the yacht will have a big effect on the price. The larger the yacht the more work that needs to be done and this will make the cost of the project more expensive. Most companies will give people an estimate before they get started on the project.

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Ask us about our CAD Drawings. We will make CAD drawing at no Charge,so you can see how your Teak decking and boat flooring project will look. No surprises.
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