WS Synthetic Teak Decking, Marine Decking and Yacht Carpentry

Whether you are in the market for teak decking, counter-tops, Synthetic Teak or refit of your yacht, World  Surface is your source for beautiful and Quality Jobs. At World Surface, we Install and Create pieces of art that showcase the elegance,stability, and long-lasting durability of our top-quality jobs.
If you are looking for a Responsible company for your New Teak decking project, look no further, We have over 10 years of Marine Decking and Yacht restoration Experience.


The make of our teak decks, whether traditional boat teak decking or synthetic teak decking, is of premium quality that offers beautiful and custom made fitting and ambiance. We, at World Surface, always try our teak decks to make a perfect match with the color, theme and style of your boat and yacht.

The counter-tops made and installed by us will also be of exceptional quality exotic marble, granite, and solid wood that will glorify the elegant ambiance of your yacht. The interior boat flooring, we install on boats aren’t only long lasting but also require low maintenance. Our anti-skid floorings are easy to fix, super easy to clean, and you do not need to waste your energy washing the floors, installed by us.

And with our yacht carpentry service, we shape, decorate, and dress up your vessel with custom woodworking of cabinets, furniture, tables, stools, bookshelves, bar, etc. World Surface also offers painting, refinishing, repairing services for your deck and yacht at affordable prices.

The qualified marine engineers of World Surface work extensively to make durable, strong, beautiful piece of boat and yacht surfaces. We create, install, and fix things in your boat and yacht with a promise of reliability, stability, and durability.

World Surface Company can offer our customers;

We offer first-rate range of products and services to our customers. Traditional Teak Decking, Synthetic Teak Decking (Flexiteek), Marine Decking and Yacht Carpentry, Boat Floorings (Sea Floors), Yacht Flooring, Counter-top installation, and custom wood working, etc. are some of our diverse products and services. Our Flexiteek range of decking, which is made from composite recyclable materials, comes with different color options. We also offer painting, repairing and refurnishing services for boat and yacht. All its products and services are stable and long lasting, and World Surface offers you 100% guaranteed satisfaction for this.


The most real looking Synthetic Teak Decking made of 100% dense virgin PVC, Boat Non-skid when wet or Dry, Anti Fungal, UV Stabilized, Welded Together so the application will never have Gaps unlike Competitors.
Luxurious Yacht Decking and for Luxurious Yachts.


The best Vinyl for the interior floors of the salon, bedrooms and Galley of your vessel. Not only we have this beautiful materials to dress up your Vessel, but we also count with 10 crews of Professionals Installers with over 10 years of Experience that will leave your boat and Yacht looking like no other. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Tradtional Teak

The best Burmese teak lumber for prestigious vessels, This real marine teak will take your breath away.

Yacht Carpentry

Also we have thousands of Material for refacing cabinets and the Wood work you deserve, please visit our gallery so you can see our beautiful designs and jobs.

Ask us about our CAD Drawings. We will make CAD drawing at no Charge, so you can see how your project will look. No surprises.

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